Reimagine Wave Transit! Short-Range Transit Plan. Charting the future. 2024 - 2028

Reimagine Wave Transit


Wave Transit is excited to launch its new short-range transit plan called Reimagine Wave Transit. This project charts a course for our future as the Wilmington region’s transit provider.

What is Reimagine Wave Transit?

Wave Transit is the Wilmington region’s public transit service. It plays a vital role in the region’s economy by transporting people to their medical appointments, school, shopping, jobs, friends, and families.

Reimagine Wave Transit is a short-range transit plan that will provide recommendations for what transit in Wilmington, New Hanover County, and the surrounding area should look like and do in the near-term. It is a chance to evaluate existing services, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement new and improved services.

This effort will help us to better understand:

  • Who are Wave Transit’s current and potential customers?
  • Where do Wave Transit’s current and potential customers want to travel?
  • How is the Wave Transit performing today?
  • How can Wave Transit service be improved?

Why is Wave Transit Performing This Study?

Wave Transit and transit systems everywhere periodically develop Short-Range Transit Plans. Our last plan was completed in 2018.  This study will focus on how we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our transit service within funding restrictions. The plan will offer service options for three funding environments – a budget decrease, an unchanged budget, or a budget increase.

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What are the different phases of Reimagine Wave Transit?

There are four phases:

  • Market Analysis: An examination of the underlying market potential for transit in the region.
  • State of the System: A detailed analysis of each Wave Transit bus route, microtransit zone, and paratransit service, as well as the network overall.
  • Public Outreach: Collect ideas, comments, and thoughts from stakeholders and members of the general public about transit service and service alternatives.
  • Service Alternatives: Create a series of service alternatives that offer options for how the system might be improved.

The final recommendations will contain service changes for Wave Transit that we intend to begin implementing in Summer 2024. It is important to us that these service changes reflect the needs and desires of our community.

More information coming soon!

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