Advertise with Wave Transit


Be Seen!

Whatever your promotional needs are, let Wave Transit’s fixed-route buses, shuttles and Paratransit vehicles do the advertising work for you. Wave Transit routes provide advertising coverage in sought after areas in the Cape Fear Region, including Downtown Wilmington, Mayfaire Town Center, Monkey Junction, New Hanover County Medical Center and Pleasure Island. Advertising with Wave Transit is the cost-efficient way to deliver your advertising message to the masses in a way that simply can’t be ignored.


Transit advertising brings your message to the most populated and desirable areas in the market, including many areas where traditional outdoor advertising, such as billboards, is heavily restricted. Ads on transit vehicles reach more of the Wilmington market than those on billboards.


Ads on Wave Transit vehicles cost less than most other advertising mediums, including television, radio, billboards and newspapers. You will reach the largest audience for the least cost. Transit advertising has the lowest Cost-Per-Thousand impressions.


Your ad can be seen as many as 12 hours per day, and you will reach a captive audience of motorists, pedestrians and passengers. New Hanover County’s traffic congestion can actually increase your exposure time, giving you a larger audience than ever before.

Get Noticed

With their bold text and larger-than-life graphics, transit ads are naturally suited to reinforcing the core awareness of your brand.

Advertising Opportunities and Rates


Vehicle Exteriors  

Wave Transit offers a variety exterior advertising options on our thirty-five foot buses, twenty-eight foot shuttles ,and Paratransit vehicles. Fixed-route buses operate seven days a week along scheduled routes that service New Hanover County and Pleasure Island. Shuttles traverse the UNCW campus with operating schedules coinciding with the academic calendar.  Paratransit, or ADA accessible vehicles traverse residential and commercial areas within New Hanover County and Pleasure Island and operate seven days a week, with limited operations on the weekend. Bike rack advertising options on fixed-route buses and shuttles now available. Please consult the rate card below for additional information.

Port City Trolley Program 

Wave Transit is please to announce advertising opportunities on the Downtown Trolley are now available! Click HERE for a complete list of offerings.

Transfer Stations 

Sidewalk advertising is available at both Wave Transit stations. Open seven days a week, Forden Station (located behind Costco) facilitates transfers for fixed-route bus, UNCW Seahawk Shuttle, Greyhound and Amtrak transportation services. Located on 3rd Street along the gateway into Downtown Wilmington and open seven days a week, Padgett Station facilitates transfers for fixed-route bus service and the Port City Trolley Program.

Click HERE for a complete listing of current advertising opportunities and rates!

Get on Board…Advertise with Wave Transit!

Wave Transit partners with Streetlevel Media, LLC to provide and manage all fixed-route bus and Paratransit vehicle advertising services for Wave Transit.  Streetlevel Media, LLC is a North Carolina based corporation with over 28 years of experience in marketing and mobile outdoor advertising.  If you are interested in adverting with Wave Transit please contact Streetlevel Media via phone at: (910) 323-9306 or by e-mail at: