Wave Transit offers Travel Training, free of charge, to teach individuals or groups to use our transportation services.

PLEASE NOTE: To reduce the risk of COVID-19 and protect the safety of customers and employees, some Travel Training activities may be modified to support social distancing practices. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Travel Training?

Travel training is a program that aims to teach any person interested in navigating the Wave Transit bus system to Ride the Wave. There is no cost to participate and training is available for individuals and groups. Each training session is customized to the needs of the individual or group. Travel training sessions could include: how to read a route map, buy a ticket, transfer to another bus, schedule an accessible van trip, use real-time bus tracking, as well as trip planning, and riding a route to a destination.

Who is eligible to receive Travel Training?

Any individual or group that wishes to learn how to use the Wave Transit bus system is eligible to receive travel training.

What locations and areas can individuals or groups learn to travel to?

Travel trainers will teach participants to travel anywhere in the Wave Transit service area. Examples include, but are not limited to, medical offices, recreation facilities, educational facilities, shopping centers, schools, and workplaces.

What can I expect to gain from Travel Training?

Travel training participants can expect to gain a greater familiarity and comfort with the Wave Transit bus system as well as skills specific to their goals.

Who performs Travel Training?

Brianna D’Itri, Wave Transit’s Mobility Manager, oversees the travel training program. Brianna works one-on-one with individuals and groups to ensure travel training needs are met.

How do I request Travel Training?

To request travel training for yourself or your group, please complete the appropriate form (provided below) and email, fax, or mail it to Brianna D’Itri.  Addresses and further instructions are provided on the Request form.

Download our Wave Travel Training Referral Form.

If you need assistance with the Travel Training form, or have questions about travel training, please contact Brianna D’Itri, via e-mail at: bditri@wavetransit.com or by phone at: (910) 202-2045.

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