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Access to transportation is one of the greatest barriers facing many of our neighbors in Southeastern North Carolina. Every day many of our friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors struggle to access work, education, health care and employment that most of us take for granted because they can’t afford transportation. Even with public subsidies offered to providers like Wave Transit, the cost of transportation is trumped by rising food, housing and other more pressing needs.
This is why in 2010 board members and staff of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority decided to develop a program to meet this overwhelming need. Thus began the Making Waves Foundation a 501(c)3 private nonprofit.

What We Do

The Foundation provides transportation fare subsidies to nonprofit agencies who provide assistance to members of the community in need and individuals who otherwise would not have access to transportation, and aid the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority, otherwise known as Wave Transit, in raising funds to promote and improve public transportation in Southeastern North Carolina.
The Foundation is managed by the staff of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority eliminating the need to divert precious funding to the administrative duties of the Foundation. Donors can be assured that 100% of their donations are dedicated to meet the mission of the Foundation.

How You Can Help

A gift as little as $4.00 can provide a single mother round trip transportation to the grocery store, and a donation of $2.00 can ensure that a student is able to access after school activities that promote self-confidence or tutoring. No gift is too small, and your gift can make a world of difference in the life of someone who is struggling.
Please consider a tax-deductable donation to the Making Waves Foundation. Any amount will assist local, low income residents with their transportation needs so they can get work, attend school, or visit their health care providers. You can donate by check or securely online through PayPal.

You may make your check payable to Making Waves Foundation and mail it to P.O. Box 12630 Wilmington, NC 28405-0130.

Foundation Supporters

Landfall Foundation – A VERY special thank you to the Landfall Foundation for helping us to fulfill our mission of providing transportation assistance to those in need. In October 2018, the Making Waves Foundation received two generous grant awards from the Landfall Foundation. In addition to the annual grant opportunity, the Making waves Foundation was one of eighteen community organizations selected to receive emergency relief support for those impacted by Hurricane Florence. Further information as to the impact of the support provided by the Landfall Foundation will be available in the July 2019 newsletter. Stay tuned! Click HERE for a copy of the current newsletter.

Foundation Resources

If you have questions about the Making Waves Foundation, please contact: Megan Matheny via e-mail at: or by phone at: (910) 202-2057.

Click here for a copy of the 2019 Grant Application

Click here for a copy of the 2019 Grant Cycles

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