Dial-A-Ride Transportation (DART)


Wave provides ADA accessible van service for people with disabilities who cannot travel by fixed route bus. Service is provided through our Dial-a-Ride Transportation Program (DART).


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Dial-a-Ride Transportation (DART) program work?

Dial-a-Ride Transportation, or DART, utilizes vans specially equipped with a wheelchair lift and restraints for wheelchairs. Each van can accommodate passengers who use wheelchairs and semi-ambulatory passengers. DART provides curb-to-curb, origin to destination service within 3/4 of a mile of any fixed bus route. Click HERE to view a map of the fixed route service area.

No assistants or aides are provided by Wave. Passengers may be accompanied by a personal care attendant at no additional charge. Fares are $4.00 per person each way. Hours of service are the same as fixed bus route schedules. Areas that do not receive evening or weekend fixed route service will also not receive DART service. Most destinations in the Wave Transit service area are served Monday through Friday from 6:00 am – 8:00 pm and Saturday through Sunday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Who is Eligible for DART?

The DART service is available to individuals whose disability prevents them from independently boarding an accessible fixed route bus and/or prevents them from getting to or from a boarding location. Wave Transit has developed an application that will be used in determining eligibility for the DART program. To obtain an application via mail or fax, call the Wave office at (910) 202-2053. Completed applications can be mailed to Wave Transit P.O. Box 12630 Wilmington, NC 28405-0130, or faxed to (910) 772-7942.

Download the DART application.

How do I Schedule a DART Appointment?

Once you have been approved for the DART program, rides can be scheduled by calling the Wave DART reservation line at (910) 202-2053 or email ptschedule@wavetransit.com. Please Note: Once a ride has been requested, you will receive a confirmation via phone or email from DART staff (this may occur during the initial ride request). If you have left a voicemail or sent an email and not yet received a response, your reservation is not confirmed.

If you would like support or assistance as you become comfortable with the DART scheduling process please contact our Mobility Manager at 910-202-2045 or bditri@wavetransit.com.

Please Note: DART is not an emergency ambulance service and drivers are not trained to handle medical problems. The operators will assist you on and off the wheelchair lift and will secure your wheelchair once on the bus. Drivers are not permitted to leave the bus unattended, and may not assist customers into buildings.

DART operators cannot make change. You must have exact fare and pay at the start of each trip. DART vans can only wait three minutes. If you are not ready by then, the DART van will move on to the next pick up. This is done in an effort to schedule DART passengers in the most efficient way possible.

Wave does not provide attendants. If you require additional assistance, you must provide your own attendant. Attendants may ride free of charge. To maintain the most efficiency, Wave Transit has implemented a no-show policy.

View or print a copy of the DART no-show policy.

What are the Guidelines for Visitors?

Individuals who are eligible for ADA van service and are visiting from other localities outside of Wave Transit’s service area, will be served when eligible trips are requested. The visiting individual’s local certification will be honored by Wave Transit and its contractors.   If a visitor does not have ADA certification from another jurisdiction, but makes a claim of eligibility, that claim will be honored as required by the ADA.  However, in such cases, Wave Transit reserves the right to require proof that the individual is not a resident of the county, and if the individual has a disability which is not apparent.  Visitors planning on utilizing Wave Transit for more than 21 days must submit a formal application for eligibility certification.

Who do I contact to request an ADA modification or to submit an ADA complaint?

Wave Transit strives to maintain the highest compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Requests for ADA modifications to Wave Transit policy may be made via phone at (910) 343-0106, or by email at wavetransit@wavetransit.com. To submit an ADA complaint please fill out the form linked below or contact the Authority’s Civil Rights Officer at (910) 202-2057.

ADA Complaint Form

DART Contact Information

  • Telephone: (910) 202-2053
  • E-mail Address: ptschedule@wavetransit.com
  • Fax: (910) 772-7942