Wave Pool Commuter Van and Carpool Program

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Step into the Wave Pool!

The Wave Pool is a collaborative effort between the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) and the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority-Wave Transit which allows people who live and work near each other and have similar commuting schedules to share a ride to work. Groups of 5-12 commuters are eligible for Wave’s Vanpool Program. For smaller groups, the WMPO also organizes carpools through Share the Ride NC.

How does the Vanpool program work?

In a vanpool, Wave Transit provides the vehicle, maintenance, fuel and insurance and employees pay a monthly fare for the service. Vanpools typically require at least five members to be considered. Each service tailors its schedule around the needs of the passengers of the vanpool, with all members deciding on the pick-up and drop-off locations and times. Once a vanpool has been developed, efforts are made to secure a van. Sometimes a van is available. Other times a van has to be ordered. Development of a vanpool can take up to six months.

Riding in a vanpool saves you money in fuel and vehicle wear and tear, reduces the stress of dealing with stop and go traffic and helps the environment. In addition to the commuting savings, there are federal tax incentives that are available to vanpool passengers. View the IRS Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits for more information. The tax incentive is available to employers too. Your employer may choose to offer the program to their employees for the tax incentives or to reduce the need for employee parking. They also may offer the program through an IRS Section 125 Cafeteria Plan.

How does the Carpool program work?

For groups who want the advantage of a vanpool but not enough participants merit the creation of a vanpool, carpooling assistance is available through the Wave Pool program.  Carpooling can save up to $300.00 per month in fuel, maintenance, parking and insurance.  Carpooling can also lead to a vanpool for even more savings.  To get a carpool started, the Wave Pool program offers a ride matching system. The system matches potential carpool candidates who share commuting patterns. Sign up for the Wave Pool ridematching program. You can also contact the Wave Pool coordinator below for additional information.



Where do I sign up or get more information?

Find a carpool or contact:

Brianna D’Itri

Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • (910) 341-3258

Wave Pool Resources

Benefits of Commuting by Van and Carpool

There are many benefits to riding in a van or carpool, including  saving you money in fuel and vehicle wear and tear, reducing the stress of dealing with stop and go traffic, and helping the environment.

For Commuters

Commuting can save you big bucks. Employers can allow employees to use pretax dollars to pay for transit passes, vanpool fares and parking.  This could be up to $245/month for transit expenses, up to $245/month for vanpool expenses, and $20/month for bicycling expenses.
Use our interactive calculator to see how much commuting can put back in your pocket.


For the Environment

Let’s talk about the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per mile per person in a vehicle (let’s call these “person-miles”). According to the Sightline Institute, the average car with a single driver emits 1.10 lbs of carbon dioxide per mile. When you carpool, an average car with a driver and two passengers naturally decreases that number by two-thirds — to only 0.37 lbs of carbon dioxide per person-mile. Taking your car off the road just a day a week will help keep the air clean and helps remove congestion from our roads.