Paratransit Services

Wave Transit is responsive to the mobility needs of citizens of the City of Wilmington and New Hanover County. Wave Transit is here to help individuals with disabilities take advantage of the independence and flexibility that is provided by our transit system by offering several paratransit programs.  
On our regular fixed route and shuttle services, elders and individuals with disabilities can ride for a reduced fare.  For an application for fixed route reduced fare identification click below. Service animals are allowed on all Wave vehicles. 
In addition to our fixed route service, specialized transportation services are provided on a brokered basis with many human service agencies in the region.  Complementary paratransit service (DART) for those who live within ¾ mile of a Wave Transit fixed route is available.  Complementary paratransit service is also available through Wave Transit's Elderly and Disabled Transportation Assistance Program (EDTAP).  Due to limited funding, we are not currently accepting applications for the EDTAP Program. Updates as to when funding for this program will be reinstated will be provided as they are received. Click below for more information and applications for our DART Program.   
Travel training which allows individuals with special needs one on one training on how to access and use our services is also available.  Click below for more information.  Call (910) 202-2053 for more information on our paratransit programs.  

Paratransit Links
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