Commuting is more than driving to and from work or school.  Choices we make about how we get from point A to B affect most every aspect of our lives, from how we interact with our environment to our mental health.  Commuting is buses, cars, vans, walking, bicycling and any way we travel.  
Wave Transit and the Wilmington Urban Area MPO have teamed up to make commuting less stressful, less expensive and less polluting.  Traffic congestion, the cost of fuel and the quality of our air are quality of life issues that the region's transportation leaders have pledged to protect.   
Wave Transit and WMPO offer several commuting alternatives and cost saving programs to get you moving in the right direction.  Get on board the bus, the van or the carpool and ride the Wave.  
Wave Pool - carpool and vanpool options
Employer benefits and resources
Fixed route bus commuting
Downtown Wilmington Trolley

Regional Commuting Coordinator
Adrienne Harrington 
(910) 341-0107