Breathe Easy…

Public transportation is a key component in the sustainability efforts in the United States. Transit helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing a low emissions alternative to driving, facilitating compact development, and minimizing the carbon footprint of its operations.  For example, a typical commute of twenty miles round trip by a single commuter is equal to 1/40th passengers per mile. Wave Transit currently transports over one passenger per mile. 
While public transportation in itself benefits the environment, Wave Transit is also implementing initiatives aimed at reducing emissions and our dependence on foreign oil with many projects. The sustainability efforts of the Authority were brought under a single umbrella in 2010 as our Breathe Easy…initiative. The Breathe Easy… program demonstrates Wave Transit's commitment to our responsibility to limit emissions, minimize our carbon footprint, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and educate the community about the benefits of transit while continuing to be responsible stewards of the taxpayer investment in public transportation.  
Some of the Breathe Easy… initiatives are simple. Things like recycling, minimizing the amount of documents printed (a real challenge for a governmental entity), using recycled paper and green printing practices for printing maps and documents, reducing vehicle idling, and encouraging the use of transit are simple. Although these little things may require sacrifice, the board and staff are committed to ensure that we practice what we preach. 
Some of the Breathe Easy… initiatives are more complex. The following are examples of Wave Transit's leadership in implementing and promoting sustainably.  Click on the links for more information and breathe easy.
Green Wave
Wave Pool
LEEDing the Way
Shaping the Next Generation