Mission Statement and Goals

The mission of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority (Wave Transit) is to develop and maintain an effective, efficient, and safe system of public transportation services within Southeastern North Carolina which is responsive to the mobility needs of the community. Transportation services provided shall be designed to maintain and encourage the use of public transportation and shall contribute to the economic vitality of the community, the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment.
The goals of Wave Transit are as follows:
1. Provide cost effective transportation services which optimize the utilization of personnel, vehicles, and other resources and which are operated with a minimum of public subsidy.
2. Provide transportation services which meet the mobility needs of the community, within available financial resources.
3. Develop funding options which assure the continued stable operation of transportation services at a public subsidy level acceptable to the community.
4. Develop policies which assure, as much as possible, that transit services are designed and operated to encourage maximum utilization by the community. Service should be provided first in areas where the greatest potential for use exists.
5. Promote the use of public transportation services within the community. This includes both providing adequate and up-to-date information on services available and aggressively marketing the transit system.
6. Expand public transportation to new areas of the community as demand estimates and population densities indicate that service will be sufficiently utilized within established service standards.
The Goals of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority will be reviewed and revised, as needed, during the budget development process. These goals and objectives will guide the development of capital and operating budgets, service planning, and operation of transit services. 
Adopted: June 09, 2005